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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Race reaction

Having had a chance to sleep on it, I'm still impressed with what a quality race we were given in Malaysia. Like Robert Kubica's drive, it may have lacked a lot of the bells and whistles, thrills and spills we had a week prior in Australia, but there was good action, overtaking, and a majority of the field saw the finish. Good show.

Massa, Massa, Massa

I can't help but think the prancing horse is just a little more than disappointed with young Felipe. En route to a 1-2 , gap-smashing finish, the Brazilian's race-ending off left Big Red the same 11 point deficit with which it started the weekend.

Throwing away points is something I can't see Ferrari accepting, regardless if Massa is Schumacher-schooled and managed by Jean Todt's son. With Todt stepping down from his Ferrari position last week, I'd be looking over my shoulder and cleaning up my drive if I was Felipe.

Hey hey, Peter Sauber!

Meanwhile, with workmanlike quality, BMW picked up the crumbs and maintains pace with McLaren. The current points system still rewards consistency, and BMW certainly has that. It must have been brilliant for team founder Peter Sauber to see such great results for his old crew from his birds-eye paddock view.

Finally, an F1 controversy

Some are referring to Saturday's McLaren penalties (docked for impeding at the end of qualifying) as the first controversy of the new season. 'Bout time we had some controversy in this sport.

Was it fair? Too little or too much? Myself, I don't really see much to be worked up over, except perhaps that two supposedly championship winning capable drivers could be so unaware of their surroundings not to think that maybe someone other than themselves might be trying to put in a good time during the closing seconds of the final session of qualifying. Certainly not a SpyGate quality controversy, but maybe as good as flexible wings and floors.

What might the repercussions be? Could a qualifying rethink be far behind? After all, what would an F1 season be without ripping up qualifying part way through the season? Don't worry, this is all tongue-in-cheek. I think. Really. Although I'd never put the thought past Bernie and the FIA.
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