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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mosley vows to stay on

Max Mosley apologized Tuesday for any embarrassment to the motorsports community caused by the sensational story reported in The News of the World this past weekend, claiming he was the victim of a setup.

Additionally, Mosley vowed he would not step down from his position with the FIA while he fights the perpetrators.

In his statement, Mosley said that he had information from multiple sources showing he had -- for unknown reasons -- been the target of a “covert operation” by a group “specializing in such things.”

He stressed that this is a private matter. As it is illegal in many countries to publish details of a personal nature without reason, Mosely plans to take legal action against the tabloid. He also specifically denied the alleged Nazi undertones.

Perhaps taking Bernie Ecclestone’s advice, Mosley said he would skip this weekend’s Bahrain GP, taking time to be with his family.

Ecclestone had earlier suggested Mosley should skip the race, saying the Bahraini royal family might not be happy if he attended.

As far as the future, Ecclestone said Mosley needs to do what he thinks is best.

Glock lauded

Toyota is especially happy with new recruit Timo Glock’s single lap speed.

Technical boss Pascal Vasselon particularly pointed out Glock’s practice and qualifying performance for praise. Although Glock has yet to complete a race, he has been well on the pace, not far off his more experienced teammate.

And to date, Glock hasn't taken out his teammate when the lights go out.

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