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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The ‘real’ reason Fernando ditched McLaren

Contrary to popular belief, Fernando Alonso left McLaren because they are not winners. So says the Spanish double world champion in an interview with Dutch website f1today.nl

Alonso is quoted by the site saying some taems seem like winners, but they are not, and McLaren is one of those teams. Furthermore, he prefers to be with Renault, who have won two of the last three championships, than McLaren, who haven’t won in years.

Despite the rumors saying he will jump to Ferrari at the end of the year, Alonso told the site he plans to remain with Renault so long as he is provided with a car that can win. Even as the team has struggled early this season, the Spaniard believes the car will be sorted out by the end of the year.

Not members of the Lewis Hamilton fan club

Former Williams drivers Jacques Villeneuve and Heinz-Harald Frentzen joined the growing list of F1 folks who are less than impressed with Lewis Hamilton.

Villeneuve, in an interview with the Gulf Times, said the young McLaren driver lacked the proper respect for Fernando Alonso’s accomplishments when the drivers were teammates last year.

The Canadian cited his own behaviour toward rival Michael Schumacher and teammate Damon Hill as examples of proper respect(?). JV said he found Hamilton’s attitude toward Alonso “disappointing,” and the public feud between the two drivers to be in “bad taste.”

Frentzen, in an interview with Sport Bild, said he’d put his money on German compatriot Nick Heidfeld to be more successful over the long term than Hamilton.

Heidfeld's advantage? He’s just better, says Heinz-Harald. Especially at development.

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