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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Super Aguri still twisting in the wind

A decision is yet to be made as to whether Super Aguri will race in Spain this weekend, according to the BBC.

The Super Aguri team and its cars should be be in place at the Circuit de Catalunya today, but the BBC is reporting the team is operating on a day-to-day basis.

Magma Group, which had been propping up the team through the first three races this season, backed out of a buyout last week.

Magma is backed by Dubai International Capital (DIC). DIC has been tied to a buyout of George Gillett Jr.’s interest in Liverpool in recent weeks, a move that has been blocked by Gillett’s co-owner Tom Hicks. It may be the Liverpool soap opera is putting the crimp into Magma’s Super Aguri hopes.

Hamilton praises Spanish fans

Despite being the target of allegedly racist taunts during winter testing at the Circuit de Catalunya, Lewis Hamilton has praised the Barcelona circuit and its fans.

The BBC reports Hamilton called the circuit “a great track,” and the “enthusiastic fans” provide a “great atmosphere.”

Hamilton says his primary focus will be on the race.

Oh, and his number one lesson learned in Bahrain?

“Damage limitation.”

Thought Shanghai 2007 would have accomplished that. Or Brazil.


Apparently, Hollywood is interested in the Michael Schumacher story.

But, who would they get to play the seven-time world champion, you might be asking? How about Michael Schumacher?

A Hollywood producer is thinking just that, or so says manager Willi Weber to German news weekly Bunte.

Schumacher’s only prior acting experience has been voice work, including the recent Pixar film “Cars.”

Barrichello going where?

Rubens Barrichello is set break Riccardo Patrese's 256 grand prix starts record this season, but rumor has him heading to IndyCar for ’09.

According to motorsport-total.com, Barrichello has an offer to join Andretti Green Racing. The Brazilian’s contract with Honda is up at the end of the year.

Barrichello has no oval experience, although he does have the honor of being the first F1 driver to hit the wall at Indianapolis in 2002.

Speaking of number twos...

He might never have worn a big fat number two on his hat like our Brazilian friend, but Eddie Irvine knows a thing or two about supporting Michael Schumacher.

One of my favorite podcasts, Gareth Jones on Speed, features an ode to Irvine.

Check out The Pit Stop Boys with Eddie Irvine Lives In My Wardrobe, in the last five or so minutes of the podcast.

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