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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday press conference highlights

Toyota and Ferrari took the opportunity to test in Bahrain over the winter, and Jarno Trulli, for one, thinks that will be an advantage.

“It is an advantage because obviously I know what we should get. We got the car set-up and I don't think there is much change unless the circuit has changed dramatically,” said Trulli. “But I believe we have got some advantage and we have some new bits on the car which we can test here.”

The last time F1 visited Bahrain, it was with driver sides. Nick Heidfeld believes the lack of such systems will present new, but minimal challenges on the sandy track.

“The bigger problems will come on the lower speed corners. We also have some difficult entries similar to the ones we get in Malaysia,” said Heidfeld. “There are some entries where you don't just brake in a straight line but where you turn at the same time. It is the loss of the engine push system that is going to be more difficult, but it is fun.

“But we have seen in the past that it (sand) looks dramatic but the effect on the circuit and also on the cars are quite small. I was testing here a couple of years ago and quite early on in the test, even without a lot of other cars running, the grip was there straight away. It improves a bit but it is not as bad as it looks.”

Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, believes he will easily put the disappointments of Sepang behind him.

“I think when we went to Malaysia we easily had a very good package and obviously with a couple of hiccups, not only being put five places back but also with the pit stop issue we had, we sort of just didn't get the best from the weekend,” said Hamilton. “But I think our underlying pace was as good as Ferrari's, if not a little bit slower but we had the car to be in the top three, so that still gives us confidence and I think coming here we would have learned from the mistake we made in the last race and look forward.”

Hamilton also isn’t fazed about the location of the McLaren garage at the end of the pitlane this weekend.

“No, to be honest I quite like it down there. We're nice and out of the way, it's closer to the pit entry of the circuit and it's actually quite cozy down there, so we'll do the best shot we can. It makes no difference,” he said. Don't miss the top stories of the day, subscribe to the SpeedRead Web newspaper now! -- Email SpeedRead -- Learn more about author C.D. Six


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