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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Only Max can save F1?

Only Max Mosley can save the sport from falling into the clutches of Bernie Ecclestone’s Formula One Group.

That is the claim of the FIA head in a letter to club presidents -- an impassioned plea by Mosley to avoid a vote of no confidence as the June 3rd special meeting approaches.

Mosley claims that plans are already in the works to take over the FIA’s responsibilities over sporting regulations should he be voted out of office.

He said the absence of leadership while the process to replace him stretches on leaves FIA control of the sport at risk. His eventual replacement might even sympathise with Formula One, he added.

Mosley claims the sex scandal was, in fact, broken to undermine his position in current negotiations over the FIA’s role in the sport.

In a related story, a member of MI5 resigned after it emerged his wife was one of the prostitutes in the video. The Sunday Telegraph newspaper went so far as to say it was the officer’s wife who tipped of News of the World tabloid.

MI5 denied involvement.

Read the full text of the Mosley letter here.

Hakkinen escapes fire

39-year-old Former World Champion Mika Hakkinen was forced to flee his French villa as fire swept through while he slept, multiple sources are reporting.

The fire was traced to an electrical fault in a cabinet used to display his trophies. The trophies may have been lost.

Hakkinen and two women, one possibly his girlfriend, were hospitalized but discharged.

It was previously reported the Finn and his wife were divorcing in February.

Sir Frank regrets BMW split

Frank Williams has admitted to regrets that his team split with engine partner BMW at the end of 2005, in an interview with F1 Racing.

The partnership netted 10 wins, but no championships, before the two organizations split; Williams carried on with customer engines while BMW purchased the Sauber outfit.

Williams said in the face of BMW Sauber’s emergence as a title challenger, he did harbor some regrets over the split with engine manufacturer.

It was a difficult relationship, Williams continued, punctuated by a lack of ability to communicate, but the engines were good and the engineers hard workers.

But Williams had nothing but praise for current engine suppliers Toyota, saying the Japanese manufacturer’s involvement solidified his team’s future, explaining his team would remain in the sport so long as it could put a competitive engine in the car. Don't miss the top stories of the day, subscribe to the SpeedRead Web newspaper now! -- Email SpeedRead -- Learn more about author C.D. Six


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