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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time is short for '09 Indy return

Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony George has admitted there isn’t much time to secure a deal to bring F1 back to the speedway in 2009.

George told Autosport the race is a 50/50 proposition, but that the two sides had not spoken since February.

Unlike Formula One, which can wait several months before making a decision on its ‘09 calendar, the Indy chieftain said for planning purposes he would need to know soon if the race is on the schedule.

Bernie Ecclestone would have to make that decision in the next couple of months, George said.

While George is hopeful of bringing the race back to the speedway, he said it will not be possible without a title sponsor. IMS has hired a firm to explore possibilities for sponsorship.

It’s safe to say George wants the race, a fair percentage of F1-related auto manufactures and sponsors want a race in a primary market, and Bernie wants to stage a race where he can make money. It’s just a matter of all the pieces falling into place, but 2009 might be a bit optimistic.

22 clubs now aligned against Mosley

The number of clubs calling for Max Mosley’s resignation now stands at twenty two, but the embattled FIA head refuses to resign.

Pointing to the other clubs who “overwhelmingly” support him, Mosley said it would be wrong to ignore the majority and resign without submitting the question to the FIA as a whole, the BBC reports.

A vote of confidence will take place in Paris Tuesday.

The latest letter (if you're keeping track, this is from the 22 clubs) said Mosley’s refusal to step down put the FIA into a “critical situation.”

Mosley called that suggestion “nonsense.”

Silverstone one step closer to safety

Silverstone has received the permission of the Aylesbury Vale District Council to build its new pit and paddock complex, ITV reports.

The track, under fire from Bernie Ecclestone yet again and in danger of losing the British Grand Prix, sees the redevelopment as vital.

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