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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mosley wins vote of confidence

Max Mosley won his vote of confidence today in Paris, despite close to a third of the members voting against him.

Mosley received 103 of 169 votes.

The result left Mosley pleased, but the FIA now faces a crisis. The German motoring federation ADAC is freezing its activities with the FIA and the American Automobile Association is considering withdrawal.

US delegate Robert Darbelnet said the organization respects the process, however, and will not rush to judgment.

The Royal Dutch Touring Club has also threatened to break away.

The Japanese, French, Australian and Spanish automobile federations joined the vote against Mosley.

Reactions in the F1 community were mixed.

Bernie Ecclestone hopes that business can go on in the wake of the vote, but predicts Mosley will have a difficult time doing his job if people refuse to meet him.

The BBC reports the F1 kingpin said he repeatedly urged his longtime colleague to step down, but said now Mosley has gotten what he wanted the sport must move forward.

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan told the BBC he wasn’t surprised Mosley won, but hopes now he has what he wanted he will stand aside for the good of the organization.

Mosley has said in the past if he won the vote of confidence he would see out the remainder of his term, set to expire in October 2009.

Ex-Minardi owner Paul Stoddart was equally unsurprised, telling BBC Radio 5 Live he believes the vote signals the “end of the FIA as we know it.”

Stoddart, no friend of Mosley, said the embattled FIA president does damage every day and fully expects a breakaway is inevitable.

Former F1 world champion and British Racing Drivers' Club president Damon Hill told BBC Radio 5 Live he was 'astonished,' the result making the job of finding support to keep the British Grand Prix harder.

My take:

This result is stunning. Simply stunning. I had no doubt Mosley knew he had the votes, and said as much yesterday, but still I’m stunned.

It is unbelievable that an organization which has been so quick in the past to smack people down for “bringing the sport into disrepute” would be so leanient when the head of the organization crosses the line.

Whether the romp had “Nazi undertones” is irrelevent (although it adds to the problem). The fact he was caught on video in this situation is enough.

Mosley is a role model, regardless of what he may believe. He is a public figure. He must hold himself to the same high standards to which he holds others. The moment he violates that trust, he loses his authority.

Let’s put this into perspective. The French voted against him. The FRENCH! This is a society which openly accepts mistresses, and they felt this was unacceptable.

Need I say more?

The official FIA statement:

FIA Extraordinary General Assembly - Vote

During the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) held in Paris today, the FIA Member Clubs voted on a motion of confidence in the FIA President.

The FIA membership voted as follows:

For the motion: 103

Against the motion: 55

Abstentions: 7

Invalid votes 4

Voting in the EGA was made by secret ballot. Votes were counted in private by the FIA legal department in the presence of four scrutineers, selected by the EGA from a list of Delegates proposed by the Chairman of the meeting (the President of the FIA Senate).

The entire voting procedure was supervised by an external Huissier de Justice (French state-appointed public witness).
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