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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Could Formula One drivers go on strike?

That’s one possibility, says Fernando Alonso, as drivers hit out on the rising cost of the super license.

Max Mosley jacked the price of a super license from 1,725 euros (£1,354) plus 456 euros (£357) per point last year to 10,000 euros (£7,858) plus 2,000 euros (£1,570) per point this season.

To put it into perspective, Lewis Hamilton and world champion Kimi Raikkonen would pay around £180,000 based on last season.

"It's a ridiculous amount," Renault's Fernando Alonso told BBC Radio 5 Live. "We should pay a reasonable price. It cannot change 1,000 percent in a year."

But a full fledged strike has found lukewarm support in the Grand Prix Driver's Association (GPDA).

"You can't threaten these guys [the FIA]. You just don't do it," BBC reports Red Bull driver Mark Webber, a GDPA director, said. "We all love the sport. We wouldn't go to Silverstone and say we can't roll...we strive to get here and we don't want to look like prima donnas. But the public need to understand how some of these things get decided.”

Webber is targeting Bernie Ecclestone as a sympathetic ear as the GDPA have been unsuccessful in setting up a meeting with Mosley.

Bernie couldn’t be part of breakaway series

Bernie Ecclestone said if the teams break away from the FIA, he and Formula One Management (FOM) could not be part of it.

F1-Live reports the F1 chief said FOM is bound to the FIA by long-term lease of the sport's commercial rights.

In the absence of a new Concorde Agreement the teams are free to form their own, non-FIA sanctioned series.


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