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Monday, June 30, 2008

The rookie and the veteran: Two drivers talk F1

At 37, and looking forward to his 238th Grand Prix, David Coulthard has reached the autumn of his F1 driving years.

Thanks to Timo Glock, who booted Coulthard in the morning of the final day of testing last week at Silverstone, the Scot was able to sit down for a long interview with The Times ahead of his home race.

Coulthard talked on many subjects, including...

The next generation of F1 drivers:

“We can all learn from our mistakes, I suppose, but with some of them it’s going to be bloody expensive until they do.”

What a man with 18 seasons of F1 behind him can still learn in testing:

“I’m not sure whether people understand how sensitive to conditions these cars are.”

Buying Toro Rosso?

“Buying it wouldn’t be the scary thing but finding £100m a year to run it definitely would.”

How he is approaching the rest of 2008:

“What I’ve been trying to do in the first half of the season is no different to what I’ll be trying to do in the second.”

Lewis Hamilton:

“He hasn’t done anything I haven’t done already so there’s no jealousy. I admire success.”

And next week’s British Grand Prix:

“It isn’t easy, but then it never has been.”

Read the full interview at TimesOnline.

Sebastien Bourdais' waited a long time for his F1 opportunity, winning four Champ Car titles in the process.

This year he finally got his chance with Toro Rosso, but while teammate Sebestian Vettel has shined, Bourdais is still looking to make his mark.

ITV.com caught up with the Frenchman last week at Silverstone, where he opened up on a variety of topics...

The STR3:

“So far it’s just the beginning with the STR3 and we’re still investigating and trying to find solutions.”

The differences between his F1 and Champ Car teams:

“Here it’s like a polygamous relationship… There are just so many more people involved in the thinking process.”

His late entry into F1:

“I enjoyed my time in the States; it was a fantastic five years... I don’t think I would change anything.”

The future of his team:

“What happen will happen. I’m kind of a free man. If I get fired because of this or because of that then so be it.”

The future of the French Grand Prix:

“The whole situation needs a bit of time and I think that obviously opens the door for Magny-Cours to stay on the calendar for whatever time is needed.

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