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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silly Season futurecast #1

We’re seven races into the 2008 Formula One season. Which means, of course, it’s time to focus on 2009, doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s the time of the season where otherwise “objective” motorsports journalists start repeating every rumor they hear as to who’s going where and who is getting the boot.

Welcome to SpeedRead’s first silly season report.

First stop is Enstone, where you might have heard a certain Spanish double world champion has a contract through 2009.

Or maybe he’s going to Ferrari.

Or BMW Sauber.

Fernando Alonso, when put on the spot by reporters, said he doesn’t know if he will be staying with struggling Renault after this season. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Alonso to make an announcement.

"After the summer it will be necessary to make a decision and to see where we go," Setanta reports the Spaniard ace said.

In the meantime, Alonso has told the team, he knows it is doing its best, and it must continue its efforts to improve the car, as points are within reach.

He also pointed out Renault missed a great opportunity in Montreal. No comment from Alonso on who threw those points away.

Next stop, Hinwil.

You may remember the aforementioned Alonso, Robert Kubica’s cards partner, was mentioned as a possible replacement for Nick Heidfeld a week or so ago.

The Pole said at the time he would welcome his friend at BMW Sauber, they get on well, etc. etc.

And I’m sure Alonso would welcome Kubica as a teammate, too, as long as he was a second slower and wore that big #2 on his hat Rubens Barrichello had at Ferrari.

But let’s not get all chummy quite yet, boys, because Fox reports talk is swirling Nico Rosberg will be occupying Heidfeld’s seat in 2009.

Nevermind, the Montreal race winner says it does not matter who sits in the second seat.

"For me it doesn't change anything if it's Nick or Nico: my teammate is just one of 19 other drivers who I must beat," Fox reports Kubica saying. "Regarding contracts, that is not my job, it is taken care of by someone else."

Final stop for this report: Fantasyland

Crash.net reports Jacques Villeneuve, fresh off not winning Le Mans, and recently booted from his NASCAR ride for lack of sponsorship, still covets an F1 ride.

Villeneuve last drove in F1 two years ago, when BMW Sauber used an “injury” to sub Robert Kubica into the car. The 37-year-old left rather than take part in what he viewed as a shootout to get his seat back.

Seems the Canadian hasn’t let go of his F1 dream.

“I have never given up hope of re-entering F1. I have driven in some other series, but that was only because there were no vacant seats in F1,” Villeneuve told Italian magazine Autosprint.

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