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Friday, July 11, 2008

Alonso rates The Stig

Top Gear’s tame racing driver recently was bought in a charity auction for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital by a man who'd won £5million in the lottery.

What did the £35,000 bid buy? Three laps of Silverstone in a two-seat Santander grand prix car driven by The Stig himself prior to the British Grand Prix.

The winner got what he paid for and more, as Top Gear reports The Stig hit 178mph on a wet track in a car without driver aids, even saving it when the back stepped out.

One man who noticed was double world champion Fernando Alonso.

“Whoever's in that car is a seriously good driver,” Top Gear’s Web site reports Alonso said. “I've no idea who he is, but he's definitely ex-F1”

VW rules out F1 again

Volkswagen has once again gone on the record, motor racing representative Hans-Joachim Stuck saying Formula One is not in the cards in the near future.

“For a global automobile company such as Volkswagen, Formula One is always a topic,” Stuck is quoted as saying by German newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten. “An entry within the next three years is however not realistic. There are still uncertainties in the regulations - (like) the engine freeze.”

Ferrari, McLaren reach ‘spygate’ settlement

McLaren has agreed to pay Ferrari’s ‘spygate’-related legal costs as the teams agree to put their 2007 differences behind them.

McLaren called it a “concluding payment.”

“In light of the formal closure in December 2007 of the FIA and FIA World Motor Sport Council proceedings against McLaren, and of McLaren's public apology to Ferrari which we have reiterated, Ferrari and McLaren have agreed to bring the various disputes between them in relation to this matter to a final conclusion. McLaren has also agreed to the reimbursement of Ferrari's costs and expenses relating to these matters and a concluding payment.”

- McLaren statement

Ferrari said it has dropped all legal action against McLaren after accepting the teams apology, and will donate the money to charity.

Not so lucky is Nigel Stepney, Fox Sports reports Ferrari will continue actions against its former employee.

“Ferrari acknowledges McLaren's reiterated apology for the well-known events which occurred during the 2007 F1 Championship. In the best interests of Formula 1 and taking into account the formal closure in December 2007 of the FIA and FIA World Motor Sport Council proceedings against McLaren, it confirms that it has accepted to put an end to all outstanding controversies between the two teams. Ferrari will donate to charity the concluding payment received from McLaren. Ferrari will pursue its claims against Nigel Stepney in connection with the matter.”

- Ferrari statement
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