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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ferrari in crisis?

None other than Luca di Montezemolo weighed in on Ferrari’s performance last weekend at Hockenheim.

The Ferrari chieftain, who blasted the team’s “stupid mistakes” at Silverstone, personally met with Ferrari engineers Monday to analyze Sunday’s race. Montezemolo said he wanted to be present “at a very important time from a technical standpoint,” La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

Most concerning was the drop in performance from Friday to Sunday. Felipe Massa finished third and Kimi Raikkonen sixth last weekend.

“Let's forget about labels, because we need to figure out why we were so slow in Germany, slower than ever before this season,” the Ferrari boss said, according to the Italian sports daily.

Following the meeting, Montezemolo said the team has recovered from worse before, and he is confident it can do so again.

Ferrari still lead the constructors championship with 105 points.

But it must be worrying, especially when you consider the number of points the Scuderia left on the table in the first half of the season.

McLaren truly looks like it took a big step forward in recent weeks, and the Prancing Horse must respond quickly if it is to maintain its lead in the championship.

“As usual, we know the McLarens were faster on a lap basis, but this is offset by our reliability and our pace in the race,” La Gazzetta dello Sport reports race director Stefano Domenicali said. “Unfortunately, we saw this was not true yesterday, but we are determined to respond.”

Bourdais on the good and bad of Vettel’s promotion

For Toro Rosso’s Sebatatien Bourdais, his teammate’s promotion to Red Bull is a positive and a negative.

“It's mostly a good thing for me because the team will probably not want to change both its drivers at once,” Bourdais told AFP, “If they keep me because they don't want to change their two drivers at the same time, that's not very exciting either.”

Bourdais has struggled since Toro Rosso introduced it’s new car for the Monaco Grand Prix, while Vettel has excelled, consistently picking up points.

While 2009 is still up in the air, the four-time Champ Car title winner remains focused on the season at hand.

“I'm not questioning myself in regards to next year,” Bourdais said.

The Frenchman finished 12th in last weekend’s German Grand Prix.

Duno takes the fight to Danica

See IndyCar’s Milka Duno do what so many must have wanted to do when Danica Patrick got in their faces...

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Anonymous said...

"As usual, we know the McLarens were faster on a lap basis...", when did that become acceptable? Luca's got his work cut out for him.

Hannah said...

Danica needs to take a step back and be realistic about her situation. Honestly, she's not THAT good. And even if she did live up to the media hype, her actions are nothing more than plain ol' bad sportsmanship.

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