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Monday, July 14, 2008


The court heard final speeches today, day 3,246,923 in the Max Mosley privacy case.

Mark Warby, representing News of the World, said witnesses for Mosley have tried to make things out as “nothing more than hanky-spanky,” the BBC reports.

Warby argued there was no case for damages as the newspaper was reporting a legitimate story.

Mosley’s lawyer, in turn, argued the paper rushed to print a “scandalous” story and that compensation should be greater than a defamation award because Mosley has to live with the invasion of his privacy for the rest of his life.

The judge’s decision is expected next week.

Read the BBC’s full coverage here.

DC on retirement and the future

David Coulthard used his weekly ITV column to discuss his decision to retire and who might replace him at Red Bull.

Coulthard said he made the decision at the Canadian Grand Prix, prior to his podium finish, but wanted to wait to announce his decision at his home race in part to discuss his future with the team with Dietrich Mateschitz.

DC went into some depth about his new role as a consultant, which will allow him to use his extensive driving experience to help Red Bull in set-up and development.

He also said he hasn’t ruled out other racing opportunities in the future.

Finally, he delved into who may be in line to replace him at Red Bull, tipping Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel.

Read the full column here.

How F1 drivers spend a weekend off

Nico Rosberg took two laps on a temporary circuit next to Red Square and the Kremlin in front of a capacity crowd as Williams and Red Bull participated in an event called “Moscow City Racing” Sunday.

Russian Mikhail Alyoshin was at the wheel of the Red Bull.

“I’m in the privileged position to be a part of many big events, but this really rates as one of the most amazing. What a city, and driving around the Kremlin and through Red Square was just awesome,” Rosberg said on the team’s official Web site. “To take Formula One out of its natural environment and show what we do to a completely new audience is great and this experience is certainly one I’ll never forget. The attention we received from the media and the spectators was just incredible, massive!”

Meanwhile, Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button took advantage of a non-race weekend to take part in this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The weekend also saw a celebration of 50 years of BTCC and a celebration of rally driver Colin McRae’s life.

Brawn focused on car, not drivers

Honda’s Ross Brawn said he is focused on building a competitive challenger for 2009, not signing a top-line driver.

The team principal had previously expressed interest in Fernando Alonso, but now says he is happy with the team’s drivers.

“We are in discussions, and it will evolve during the summer. Our priority is clearly to get a better car for next year. So things are moving along but there is no desperate rush,” Brawn told Autosport.com. “I think we have got two very good drivers, so he first thing we have got to do is get a decent car. When we get a good car that will give our drivers the opportunity to show what they can do, and we can take stock then. I don't think the drivers are the problem.”

Hamilton ‘sad and disappointed' over breakdown with Alonso

Crash.net reports Lewis Hamilton told German newspaper Handelsblatt he was “sad and disappointed” his relationship with former teammate Fernando Alonso did not improve following the famous blocking incident last year in Hungary.

Hamilton said the two met in an Istanbul hotel room to clear the air, but to no avail, with Alonso leaving the team at the end of the year.

The Briton defended his treatment of the double world champion.

“If you go into your first season and are against the world champion, that is a privilege,” Hamilton reportedly said. “I admire what Fernando achieved, but the first person you always have to beat is your team-mate – that was my goal. Naturally I followed Formula 1 closely [beforehand] and saw how well he drove. It showed me how to behave and how to become more professional. It would be great if, in the future, someone is in the same position and looks at me and thinks, ‘that is how to be world champion'.”

No shark fins for McLaren, Toyota at Hockenheim

Autosport.com reports both McLaren and Toyota have ruled out using the “shark fin” this weekend at the German Grand Prix.

McLaren has not ruled out using it in the future, after further testing, the Web site reports, with driver Heikki Kovalainen hinting the team may fear crosswinds at Hockenheim.

Bernoldi on way out of IndyCar?

Autoweek reports former Formula One driver Enrique Bernoldi nearly quit Conquest Racing following the July 6 race at Watkins Glen.

Bernoldi has been unhappy with the team’s struggles as it tries to adjust to the series from Champ Car, and it came to a head when his race at the Glen came to an end after contact with rookie teammate Jaime Camara which saw the Brazilian’s car get airborn, hitting the ground at 58 gs.

Team owner Eric Bachelart took issue with Bernoldi’s reaction, which apparently included the former F1 driver packing his bags before being talked into reconsidering by his manager.

Sources report Bachelart may be considering replacing the Brazilian with Canadian Alex Tagliani.

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Alonso or Vettel to replace DC. In other words, which ever one Ferrari doesn't sign?

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