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Friday, July 4, 2008

Is the hatchet burried?

Bernie Ecclestone has backed Max Mosley's plans for cost cutting in Formula One, putting action behind Ecclestone's words that the two had repaired their working relationship in the wake of the Mosley sex scandal.

Ecclestone had criticized Mosley for not stepping down from his post after "disclosures about Mosley's participation in sadomasochistic bondage sessions rocked world motor sport," as The Telegraph so colorfully put it.

Mosley subsequently won a vote of confidence from the FIA.

"The bottom line is simple – we have moved to patch up our differences," Ecclestone is quoted by The Times.

While Mosley had left it up to deputies to represent the FIA in recent months, the release of the new 2011 rules proposal along with the accompanying letter to the teams would seem to indicate Max is back.

"Formula One is becoming unsustainable. The major manufacturers are employing up to 1,000 people to put two cars on the grid," Mosley wrote in the letter. "This is clearly unacceptable at a time when these companies are facing difficult market conditions."

Ecclestone agreed.

"I am happy that the FIA has taken the initiative to allow the teams to write the regulations," he told The Times. "They will be able to control their expenditure. What Max put in the letter is correct – it's a little cranky that is takes 1,000 people to put two cars on the grid."

The meeting of the minds effectivly puts to bed any talk of a breakaway series.

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