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Monday, July 7, 2008

Mosley: Nazis “unerotic”

Max Mosley was in court Monday in his privacy suit against News of the World.

Mosley, on the stand on the first day of what should be a two-week hearing, admitted paying 2,500 pounds (US$5,000) for the encounter, but while they played out a German prison scenario, it was not a Nazi scenario.

"I can think of few things more unerotic than Nazi role play," The Telegraph reports Mosley said.

The Nazi allegation is of particular interest to Mosley as his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, led Britain's fascist movement before World War II and was a friend of Adolf Hitler. But the FIA chief does not deny a life-long interest in sadomasochistic sex.

"Bottom spanking, whip fantasy and role play scenarios are an interest he accepts he has had since quite a young age," The Telegraph reports James Price QC, representing Mosley, said. "Most people probably think that S & M behaviour - spanking of bottoms, whips and roleplays, doctors and nurses, Sheik and harem, guards and prisoners - are permissible and private and even funny. The News of the World, we say, is out of touch with the instincts of decent British people."

Mosley’s argument is the News of the World invaded his privacy strictly for the amusement of it readers. He is seeking substantial punitive damages.

The newspaper defended its action based on its readers’ right to know about a public figure.

Think Ant’s a little bitter?

Felipe Massa suffered perhaps his worst race as a Ferrari driver Sunday. If the Brazilian is looking for sympathy, Anthony Davidson is not the answer.

Seems the former Super Aguri driver didn’t take kindly to Massa’s driving when championship co-leader was blue flagged.

"He's always the first to stand up in a drivers' meeting and complain about what people like me are doing when we get lapped," he is quoted in the Daily Record. "That's what you get, mate. There's a bit of blue flag action for you. You're rubbish. You are useless at it."

Rubens wants to continue, and Honda may be willing

Rubens Barrichello talked after his podium performance yesterday about how he still has the desire, and Nick Fry has let on the Brazilian’s chances to continue in F1 are pretty good.

Points in Monaco, Canada and Britain have lifted Barrichello to 10th in the championship and the better of teammate Jenson Button.

"I think Rubens has done a superb job all year," multiple sources report Fry said. "Ross Brawn joining us (as team principal) has helped Rubens a lot, and he has a lot of confidence. He's not only driven well, but he's been a really happy person, which is great to see, and his fitness is very good. As for next year, at the end of the day we'll choose the best two drivers."

Fancy a bit of an F1 team?

Super Aguri Formula One team’s assets go under the gavel in an Internet auction at the end of the month.

See details of the auction on the SHM Smith Hodgkinson Web site.

Items up for auction include: a Super Aguri SA06, transporters, vans, testing equipment, factory items, and apparently, a large amount of Super Aguri merchandise. Don't miss the top stories of the day, subscribe to the SpeedRead Web newspaper now! -- Email SpeedRead -- Learn more about author C.D. Six



Anonymous said...

..."the instincts of decent British people"? Excuse me?! If that's true, which I doubt, could we make that ocean a little bit wider?

SpeedRead said...

hah! :)

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