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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mosley wins in court

Max Mosley won his case against the News of the World tabloid, a court awarding him £60,000 in damages for breach of privacy concerning consensual "sexual activities (albeit unconventional)."

The court ruled their was no evidence the session reenacted Nazi behavior, rather the "bondage, beating and domination" that did take place was "typical of S&M behaviour," according to the BBC, thus, the newspaper had not satisfied the court there was a case for public interest.

"It demonstrates that their Nazi lie was completely invented and had no justification," the BBC reports Mosley said after the decision. "It also shows that that they had no right to go into private premises and take pictures and film of adults engaged in activities which are no-one's business but those of the people concerned."

Mosley told the court the story had devastated his wife and was undignified and humiliating for his children.

"Our press is less free today after another judgement based on privacy laws emanating from Europe," News of the World editor Colin Myler said, according to the BBC."(Mosley) had an obligation to honour the standards which its vast membership had every right to expect of him."

The judge, however, disagreed.

"Taking part in depraved and brutal S&M orgies on a regular basis does not, in our opinion, constitute the fit and proper behaviour to be expected of someone in his hugely influential position," he said.

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Anonymous said...

"...the story had devastated his wife and was undignified and humiliating for his children". Just the story, not his behavior. Wow, I guess I am out of touch.

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