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Friday, July 4, 2008

Shunt can't keep Massa from topping Friday practice

Felipe Massa was the fastest man at Silverstone today despite a heavy crash in the morning session. Massa’s morning time of 1:19.575 would not be topped in the afternoon.

Massa slid on oil from Fernando Alonso’s Renault at Stowe after the Spaniard suffered a blown engine. Suffering a high speed shunt at 180 mph with 30 minutes remaining in the morning practice, the Brazilian hit the barrier not far from where Michael Schumacher hit and broke his legs in 1999.

Massa’s car suffered heavy damage to the rear, but the team was able to make repairs and he was able to return to the track in the afternoon session.

Heikki Kovalainen was second in the morning for McLaren, while teammate Lewis Hamilton was third.

Kovalainen continued to shine in the afternoon, setting a time of 1:19.989 to top the sheets. Red Bull’s Mark Webber split the McLarens, finishing second ahead of Hamilton.

As always, practice times are not necessarily indicative of race pace. Rain is also expected to be a factor all weekend. Still, Massa must be happy with the result, and McLaren will be buoyed by its consistency over both sessions.

  1. Massa, Ferrari, 1:19.575
  2. Kovalainen, McLaren, 1:19.587
  3. Hamilton, McLaren, 1:19.623
  4. Raikkonen, Ferrari, 1:19.948
  5. Kubica, BMW Sauber, 1:20.367
  6. Alonso, Renault, 1:20.436
  7. Vettel, Toro Rosso, 1:20.588
  8. Piquet, Renault, 1:20.653
  9. Coulthard, Red Bull, 1:20.698
  10. Rosberg, Williams, 1:20.744

  1. Kovalainen, McLaren, 1:19.989
  2. Webber, Red Bull, 1:20.520
  3. Hamilton, McLaren, 1:20.543
  4. Coulthard, Red Bull, 1:20.589
  5. Rosberg, Williams, 1:20.748
  6. Vettel, Toro Rosso, 1:20.805
  7. Button, Honda, 1:20.929
  8. Massa, Ferrari, 1:20.943
  9. Nakajima, Williams, 1:20.985
  10. Barrichello, Honda, 1:21.002
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