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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bernie's back to backing Max

There may have been a time when Bernie Ecclestone was calling for Max Mosley’s head, but that ain’t the case now.

Seems the bad press Mosley was getting in the early summer has not had the negative effect the Formula 1 ringmaster feared.

“For a short period I said he should resign because I had so much pressure from the people to say he should resign,” sources report Ecclestone told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek. “In a lot of ways, at the time, I wish he had done, but now I don't see this any different and don't see why he should. Max works and does the best he can for the sport, 100 per cent. All these people say they don't want to meet Max and they don't want to do this or that ... it is all going to disappear.”

Ecclestone claims despite all that has happened, his longtime relationship with the FIA maestro remains the same.

Mosley is scheduled to make a return to the paddock at the Italian Grand Prix.

“I will welcome him back,” Ecclestone said. “He should come back and he should just carry on like he always carries on.”

ADAC first to feel FIA fury?

Autosport’s Jonathon Noble reports the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club)/Deutscher Motor Sport Bund E.V. (DMSB)-controlled Nurburgring could face the axe as the FIA reviews who will be Germany’s motorsports authority.

ADAC was highly critical of Mosley in the wake of the News of the World scandal, saying it would withdraw from the FIA if the Briton remained in power.

Mosley won a vote of confidence from the FIA in June.

Autosport.com reports a letter to members confirms the FIA will hold an extraordinary meeting in October to discuss DMSB’s future as the nation’s national sporting authority.

The Web site speculates one possible outcome is the World Motor Sport Council could Hockenheim owner and rival club Automobil von Deutschland (AvD) to that position.

$4.7 billion

The economy may be struggling, but Formula 1’s revenues are not.

ITV reports a study of the sport’s finances shows revenues from all businesses within F1 will reach a record total of $4.7 billion this year.

For the first time, race hosting fees, including the new races in Valencia and Singapore, brought in more money than TV rights.

Team spending is up, due in part to the arrival of Force India, and team sponsorship has also increased, despite current economic trends and the loss of Super Aguri on the grid. Don't miss the top stories of the day, subscribe to the SpeedRead Web newspaper now! -- Email SpeedRead -- Learn more about author C.D. Six


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