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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Glock is better than a Ralf

Timo Glock is already garnering favorable comparisons with other German Formula One drivers.

Shame Ralf Schumacher doesn’t fare so well in the assessment.

It’s safe to say former Grand Prix driver Hans-Joachim Stuck believes Toyota traded up when it replaced the pricey Ralf with the GP2 champion.

“In once sentence: Timo's strengths were Ralf's weaknesses," F1-Live reports Stuck told Cologne newspaper Express.

Glock is fresh off a podium performance in Hungary, while Schumacher is now plying his trade in DTM. Stuck chalks it up to a better work ethic.

“Timo is a substantially harder and more consistent worker," the German explained. "It's not just between Friday to Sunday; he lives, thinks and dreams F1, as his bosses such as Dieter Gas tell me,” Stuck said. “He is fully integrated with the team, communicating with everyone - even in his spare time. He has chosen to live in Cologne , to be near the team.”

And that isn’t the only difference Stuck sees between them.

“Their nature? Timo is a chirpy, eloquent type. Ralf could also be eloquent, but also moody at times. And (Timo) has good management. If Ralf had taken some well-intentioned advice, he might not be where he is today.”
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