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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bernie not so enamored with Luca

Hot on the heels of Luca di Montezemolo's scathing review of a certain commercial rights-holder, Bernie Ecclestone has responded in an interview with TimesOnline's Edward Gorman. And guess what? He isn't happy.

Here's a quick reminder of the theme of di Montezemolo's comments from the Gorman interview that ran on the 18th.

Qualifying Session For The San Marino F1 Grand Prix

“Do you think it is normal that we don’t have one race in North America? Do you think it is normal that we understand from the newspapers that the Canadian Grand Prix is over? Do you think it is normal that we see important sponsors decide to leave the small and moderate-sized teams? Do you think it is normal that we pay unbelievable amounts for hospitality to promote ourselves at the races? Do you think it is normal that we cannot discuss the timing of races?”


“I think sooner or later he has to stop.”

Ecclestone said Ferrari is the last team which should be complaining about money, however.

Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix: Qualifying

“Ferrari get so much more money than everyone else,” he said. “They know exactly what they get, they are not that stupid, although they are not that bright, either.”

The F1 ringmaster says that was part of the deal struck in 2003 to keep Ferrari from joining the other manufacturers in a breakaway series.

“They were the only team that broke ranks with the other manufacturers – why did they break ranks?” he said. “That’s where the $80 million comes in. We ‘bought’ Ferrari. We ‘bought’ Ferrari’s loyalty. Our deal with Ferrari was that we ‘bought’ them so they would not go to the others.”

And there's more where that came from: Bernie Ecclestone hits back at Ferrari head by exposing the team’s ‘special deal’

Trust me, you want to go, if only to find when Bernie says “I’ll sue the a*** off them.”

Mecachrome in trouble

Reports coming out of Canada have Renault-linked Mecachrome in deep financial crisis.

The Canada-based company is reported as having sought protection from creditors via the Companies Creditor Arrangement Act.

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