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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pantano miffed

Italian Formula One Grand Prix: Qualifying

GP2 champ Giorgio Pantano is pretty sure winning the title last year won't net him a drive in F1, and he's not happy about it.

"I feel total indifference towards me. I read of Senna and Buemi but, really, what have they done?" F1-Live reports Pantano told Italian magazine Autosprint. "At this point, a guy in my situation must think that being a racing driver is not advantageous, doing another job would be better."

The 29-year-old would be the first GP2 champion not to get a ride in the top flight the following season since the class's inception.

"Money is becoming the priority in order to race, talent doesn't exist anymore," Pantano said, insisting he just wanted a credible test and evaluation.

Pantano obviously does not count the two-thirds of the 2004 season he spent at Jordan as a race driver as a "credible" test, nor tests with Williams, McLaren and Renault.

Pantano said his only friend in the paddock was Bernie Ecclestone.

"The only real drives still available are at Honda and Toro Rosso," he said. "Bernie told me that if anything moves, I'll be the first to know."

Kovy blames heavy fuel loads

Heikki Kovalainen says he was consistently heavier than teammate Lewis Hamilton in qualifying in 2008.

"Only once was I lighter on fuel than Lewis, and that was at Silverstone, where I was on the pole," Setanta reports he told Switzerland's Motorsport Aktuell magazine. "In all other qualifying sessions, I was fuelled more heavily - often the heaviest guy in the top six or seven. If I had been at the front [of the grid] more often, then I would have won more frequently."
The Finn, who has been quiet in his supporting role to the F1 champion, finished seventh this year. He has asked for equal footing in 2009.

"The team knew exactly what was taking place and it's something we have to look at for the coming year," he said.

Good luck with that. One would think the experiences of David Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya and Fernando Alonso might prove enlightening to Kovalainen.

Sato gets another test

Takuma Sato will once again be at the wheel of a Toro Rosso at Jerez next week.

“We obviously see this as a positive step but still nothing is decided for the 2009 racing season,” ITV quotes his commercial manager, Matthew Winter.
Alonso would quit over standard engines

Double world champion Fernando Alonso has threatened to quit the sport if the FIA's proposed a standard engine for 2010 comes to pass.

"If they approve a single engine that would be the last straw," Fox quotes Alonso. "It would be time to start thinking about retirement."
Davidson to sports cars

Anthony Davidson looks set for a move to sportscars for 2009.

The ex-Super Aguri driver, who has been working as a race commentator since the team went belly up, recently tested with Peugeot.

"He tested the car for us and we have some other drivers to test," onestopstrategy.com reports team manager Serge Saulnier told Motorsport News. "He did well. The target of this test was more for him to get the feeling of the car. He's now got a good idea of the car and the team, so he will know about us if we consider a collaboration."
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't think Giorgio showed a lot of promise during his time in F1. At his age, all he's shown this year is that he has the experience to beat younger drivers and older, almost good enough drivers, like himself. That's not quite good enough. Younger, improving drivers will be taken for their potential.

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