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Friday, December 12, 2008

World Motor Sport Council ratifies cost cuts

Medals, qualifying revamp tabled

Japanese Formula One Grand Prix: Race

Max Mosley feels the cost-cutting measures approved today by the World Motor Sport Council have gone a long way toward saving the future of the sport.

“It will be Formula One as we all know it, but clearly much less expensive,” Mosley told the Press Association.

Acknowledging staff cuts will be a natural result of the new regulations, the FIA president said while it is unfortunate, it was also inevitable.

“Unfortunately, job losses, that's just part of cutting costs,” he explained. “But if you see it from the other point of view, they currently employ between 700 and 1000 people just to put two cars on the grid. In any event that is not sustainable.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Bernie Ecclestone wont get his medal system in place for 2009 after the World Motor Sport Council chose to defer a decision until it can do market research.

Ecclestone had previously claimed he had the backing of both the teams and the FIA.

The body also chose to postpone making a decision on FOTA’s qualifying proposal.

“Market research is being conducted to gauge the public reaction to a number of new ideas, including possible changes to qualifying and a proposal for the substitution of medals for points for the drivers,” the FIA said in a statement. “Proposals will be submitted to the FIA when the results of the market research are known.”

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