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Monday, January 12, 2009

Ferrari launch!

Ferrari launched its 2009 contender, called the F60, at the Mugello test track today. The team had been set to launch at Fiorano, but snow forced the change in plan.

Ferrari are the first to launch this season, and thus the first to give us a glimpse of what cars will look like under the radical new 2009 regulations.

Felipe Massa demonstrated the car over two laps on the circuit, and revealed the car was full of surprises for him.

“I expected it to be big, but it's small like a Formula Three car.” the BBC quotes last year’s championship runner-up. “I expected it to (have) huge (front) wings like they were 10 years ago. The new F60 seems tiny, very compact and cute. I feel emotional but I'm also happy to take it out on track for the first time.”

The car carries the F60 moniker to pay tribute to Ferrari’s 60th year in the sport.

See the Official Ferrari F60 launch page, with photos, video, interviews and specs, here.

Ferrari engines for ex-Honda team now look remote

Ferrari has all but ruled out supplying engines to whomever buys the Honda F1 team.

“The chance of us supplying engines to Honda is close to zero,” team boss Stefano Domenicali told Reuters at Ferrari's 2009 launch.

Reports earlier in the month had Honda F1 team principal Ross Brawn in contact with Ferrari over an engine supply, and the Scuderia had seemed receptive to the idea at the time.

Official 2009 entry list

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Anonymous said...

That's sad news about the Honda team. It sounds as though they've run out of time.

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