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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two more potential F1 teams?

Seems the new cost caps have all sorts of potential teams looking at joining the recently announced US-based F1 team in entering the sport.

Lola has begun looking at a 2010 entry
. Lola has a long history with F1, and was last involved in the late 1990s.

Sports News - February 11, 2009

“Lola possesses the technical resources, capability and know-how to develop cars capable of competing at the very highest levels of international motor sport, including Formula One,” said Martin Birrane, Executive Chairman of Lola Group. “We are therefore embracing the WMSC’s timely announcements and assessing a relevant programme for F1 with a view to making formal entry in the coming weeks.”

Also open to the idea of an F1 entry, if cost caps are approved, is Nicolas Todt, son of Jean, and co-creator of the GP2 ART Grand Prix team.

“Obviously when you are in this business you always dream of Formula 1, but the gap between Formula 1 and GP2 is too big," Setanta reports he said. “The recent decisions, which are not yet finalised, go in the right direction, and I think that in the future it will be much more doable, to have your own team. So if things go like that and they take that direction, then I will consider that.”

Maybe qualifying will take on a new urgency in the next couple of years...

Updates coming for Force India, Renault

Force India will be introducing a revised floor and diffuser for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Owner Vijay Mallya is hoping it will bring the team a little closer to the performance of fellow Mercedes-powered McLaren and Brawn GP.

“We are planning to introduce a significant aerodynamic upgrade for the Bahrain Grand Prix, including a new floor and an interim diffuser,” Mallya confirmed. “Amongst other items, we also plan to use new auxiliary wings on the front wing and reprofiled sidepods to incorporate the amended rear end.”

Renault’s Nelson Piquet will get the interim diffuser Fernando Alonso benefited from in China, putting him on equal footing with his Spanish teammate this weekend.

“Nelson will have the new diffuser in time for Bahrain,” technical director Bob Bell is quoted by ITV. “It simply wasn't possible to make two in time for China last weekend.”

For his part, Alonso believes he can still mount a challenge for the championship.

“It's still an early stage in the year and already the team has made incredible progress,” the BBC quotes Alonso. “It gives me the belief that we can still fight for the championship.”

Bour-déjà vu, and Windsor on Webber

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