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Thursday, April 30, 2009

WMSC reveals budget cap

The FIA today confirmed a budget cap among a number of decisions regarding the 2010 season, but at a slightly higher £40 million.

The cap was raised after discussions between Max Mosley and the teams last week. Originally, the FIA was looking at a cap of £30 million.

F1 Grand Prix of China - Race

A number of expenditures are excluded from the cap, however, including:

  • Marketing and hospitality
  • Remuneration for test or race drivers, including any young driver programmes
  • Fines or penalties imposed by the FIA
  • Engine costs (for 2010 only)
  • Any expenditure which the team can demonstrate has no influence on its performance in the Championship
  • Dividends (including any tax thereon) paid from profits relating to participation in the Championship

And, as previously reported, participation is optional, with those teams signing up receiving wider technical freedoms to even the playing field with better funded squads. Specifically, the FIA highlights movable front and rear wings, no rev limits on the engine, unlimited out-of-season track testing and unrestricted wind tunnel testing.

The FIA will set up a commission to monitor compliance.

There were a couple of other interesting nuggets in the WMSC's decisions, including the revelation Bernie Ecclestone's Formula 1 Management has agreed to help support financially new teams entering the sport next season with $10 million, free transport of two chassis, plus 10,000kg of freight, to each race and 20 economy class air tickets for each new team for events non- European events.

Car count has been increased to 26 cars, meaning three new teams are possible. Applications are open to the end of May, and the FIA will publish a list of entrants Friday, June 12.

Also, refueling is out for 2010, as are tire warmers.

You can read the full text here.

The FIA also has a handy Formula One Cost Cap Q&A

On to Barcelona

But hey, it isn't all dry FIA news. There's still a 2009 championship to run:


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