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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bernie expects compromise on budget cap

Max Mosley may say F1 can survive without Ferrari, but Bernie Ecclestone isn’t about to let that happen.

In an interview with the Times’ Edward Gorman, Ecclestone said the FIA’s brand new £40 million budget cap will likely be increased so as to dispense with the possibility of a two-tier championship.

McLaren At F.I.A Inquiry In Paris

The F1 chief believes everyone is in favor of a cap, just not running under two sets of regulations. The Times article speculates an increase in the cap to about £60 million for 2010, with aims to settle down to £40 million by 2012, would be acceptable.

“The trouble with Max is he’s not capable, like in the past, of wrapping things up nicely with a pink ribbon and things. He wants to put it in an old cardboard box and tie it with string,” Ecclestone told the Times.

“The trouble with Luca, is that you shouldn’t let Max ever be in a position where he can start a debate or an argument. He’s reasonably clever and you won’t win,” he explained. “Even if you do win, it’s like you being in the audience and me being there with the microphone. You say something smart and I don’t give you the microphone — it’s as easy as that.”

British Grand Prix lifeline?

Meanwhile, a second article in the Times speculates Silverstone may still be in the frame to host the British Grand Prix as it become increasingly likely Donington’s plans will fall through.

It is believed the British race is a key component to a new Concorde agreement as one of the sport’s five protected “heritage races,” and despite Ecclestone’s “no Donington, no race” rhetoric, Silverstone remains on standby if he wants the deal signed.

Carroll, Ireland claim A1GP crown

Adam Carroll won the A1GP championship for Team Ireland by dominating the weekend at the season-ending race at Brands Hatch.

The final round in Mexico was canceled due to swine flu.

Carroll took pole for both the sprint and feature races, winning both.


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