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Friday, May 1, 2009

F1 poised for budget battle

Reactions continue to be mixed concerning the FIA's budget cap, with independents cautiously optimistic and manufacturers concerned.

F1 2009 - Rd 4 Bahrain GP - Button Wins As Toyota Fades

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has written a letter to the FIA expressing his fears, and while FOTA has not yet responded as a body, this obviously speaks volumes.

Max Mosley quickly responded with a letter of his own to the Times and the Telegraph, and copied to all the team principals. It could be described as less than sympathetic.

Meanwhile, representing one of those organizations that has said it would consider an entry if the cap were in place, Prodrive's David Richards stresses the need for stability in the sport, as well.

Felipe baby, stay cool

Who ever said forcing Ferrari to make their radio transmissions public would be a bad thing? Destined to be an instant classic, this little exchange between race engineer Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa has been one of the highlights of the season.

Inspired by the exchange, the folks at Sidepodcast (who, incidentally, do a great job and have become popular for a reason), came up with this little ditty. This is, perhaps, the best F1-related song since "Eddie Irvine Lives In My Wardrobe." Follow the link for the fun.

The fine print on McLaren

For those of you who enjoy legalese, the FIA has released its full McLaren decision.

Hartley named Red Bull's third man

Superlicense in hand, New Zealander Brendon Hartley officially replaces David Coulthard as reserve driver for Red Bull.


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