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Monday, May 18, 2009

Talks resume Tuesday

Max Mosley and FOTA return to the table Tuesday over the budget impasse. If you listen to Mosley, he believes this won’t be settled quickly. There is an interesting 10 minute interview with Mosley on the BBC F1 Web site.

Mosley also takes the opportunity to call out Toyota’s John Howett for his “childish” attempt to stage a walkout in the beginning of Friday’s talks.

The BBC also has a few sound bites from Stefano Domenicali and Bernie Ecclestone that shed some light on things.

What we can gather from what has gone down so far, the possibility of a two-tiered Formula 1 in 2010 looks to be out the window, but the big hang-up that remains is just how cost cutting is to be achieved.

Mosley is sold on a cap, but FOTA wants to have a crack at it, and the organization was none too pleased as to how the new regulations were passed with not so much as a nod at their proposals.

Mosley reiterates his belief that the sport does not need Ferrari, but also lets on he doesn’t think it will come down to that.

F1: FEB 24 USF1 Press Conference

Meanwhile, Autosport.com catches up with Ken Anderson of USF1/GPE/whatever they are going to call it. He talks about progress on the car, drivers, and sizes up the budget controversy.

With a factory, a car on the board, and little concern about FIA-mandated caps, USF1 seems to be one of the few organizations that are putting in any credible effort so far, and one certainly hopes they will get the nod at the end of the month for an official entry.

Roundy-roundy racing

Six days until the Indy 500. See how the grid shapes up.

One change - Alex Tagliani, bumped from the field, will race Sunday, taking over teammate Bruno Junqueira’s ride. Bruno signed with the team last weekend, while Tagliani had been working with the team for several weeks.


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