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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teams meet to set strategy

Formula 1’s teams will meet again Wednesday as they plan the next step in their ongoing negotiations over the future of the sport.

F1 2009 - Monaco GP - Harbor Meetings

While progress appears to have been made over the Monaco race weekend, it being reported a framework was in place for an agreement between FOTA and Max Mosley, some recent developments show there is still some way to go.

The BBC reports Mosley sent a letter to the teams still seeking a cap on expenditures in the neighborhood of £40m, despite calls for scrapping the controversial 2010 regulations.

Additionally, despite a FOTA statement that the teams would pull out as a group if their demands were not met, Williams broke ranks and announced yesterday it had submitted an official entry for the 2010 season. The BBC reports this has angered some within the group.

Friday is the deadline for teams to submit entries.

Several sources believe the sport will lose one or two manufacturers before all is said and done. Toyota and BMW are often mentioned in certain circles as possibilities. Toyota chief John Howett has dismissed those rumors as spin.

Tomorrow’s meeting should at least give some clarity as far as to what FOTA’s next move will be.


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