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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A war of words, and some thoughts on blogging

A quiet weekend between races for F1, with most of the attention focused on the war of words between Luca di Montezemolo and Max Mosley. With a FOTA meeting coming up, its getting interesting, especially for those who dig the politics of the sport as much as the racing.

For those of you interested in the he said/he said exchange of letters, Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog has links to both.

James Allen, who interviewed Mosley for the Financial Times, adds post-interview insight on his own blog.

Saward also adds some great commentary about how F1 doesn’t do enough to understand and cultivate its audience. These are a lot of the arguments we hear, perhaps a bit less coherently, in America about the sport. Its reassuring, if disappointing, to hear those same thoughts echoed in Europe.

I often talk up these blogs and a few others. I know many people prefer fan blogs, but honestly, my interest lies on the inside information, and people like Joe Saward, James Allen and Brad Spurgeon, who can bring it to me.

It’s one of the reasons I have designed this site to be a launching point to what is making news out there. Plenty of links to reputable news sites laced with an occasional bit of my own opinion. I can’t imagine anyone is really interested in what my first race was or who I rooted for back then, I know I’m not.

I want to know about KERS and budget caps and diffusers. And the places to go for that are the experts, not some fan remotely interjecting “expert analysis.” My goal is simply to gather all those juicy bits into one place so you can jump right to the cool stuff. It’s what I’d want in the ideal F1 blog.


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