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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Max writes the FOTA eight

FIA president Max Mosley has written a letter to the remaining eight fence sitters urging them to enter the 2010 championship unconditionally and enact change from inside the sport.

Only by joining the sport unconditionally could teams participate in the rule making process, as per the International Sporting Code Mosley told the teams, according to a letter seen by Autosport. Mosley said he is prepared to sit down with all officially recognized competitors in the wake of Friday's announcement to discuss cost-cutting proposals made by FOTA.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Race

Mosley also said he is willing to enter into a new Concorde agreements, but it would be impossible to do so in time to meet the conditions set by the FOTA members when they filed their entries for 2010.

Meanwhile, Force India's Vijay Mallya said commercial obligations were the reason his team broke ranks with FOTA and pulled the conditions off of its entry.

Mallya said he had hoped FOTA would be understanding of his situation, but should the team be suspended, "then so be it, there's not much I can do about it."

Many teams are feeling the commercial it, particularly the one with little sponsorship currently running at the front of the pack.

Ross Brawn said uncertainty over the future of the sport has shaken sponsor confidence.

One would think, given the team's domination of the championship this season, should the situation be resolved, sponsors will be clamoring to get on board. But for the moment, all is in limbo.

Finally, count Michael Schumacher among those who believe it won't be F1 without the manufacturers.

Autosport quotes from a video interview on the Ferrari Web site:

"It is not a very exciting situation that we are facing - especially the sport that I have participated most of my life in and that I really love. To see what is going on there, it is not very great.

"At the end of the day, if you think Ferrari, the name is so important, it is so big in this sport. It became big due to the sport but it actually grew the sport at the same time.

"You cannot see F1 without Ferrari or the other manufacturers who have participated for so long. I really believe that somehow they must find a solution – and the solution can only be that it suits those teams that have built up F1 to the state that it is now.

"You cannot expect drastic changes to be accepted by such important manufacturers. Yes, you have a target, yes, you want to reduce costs, but you have to do it step by step, you cannot turn the world around in one day – that is impossible."


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