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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mosley ain't going anywhere

If Max Mosley wasn’t going to leave office over last year’s colorful scandal, no one should have believed he would voluntarily stand down and retire at the end of this term. After all, it is only what he said he was going to do.

In news that certainly won’t come as a shock to anyone, Mosley has been making noise about standing for re-election.

Mosley says it is for the FIA to decide who its leader shall be, and he will not be removed. Insiders have been saying Mosley’s removal is one of FOTA’s goals, and that is certainly the way the FIA chief sees it, and that's why he may need to stick around.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Race

The BBC quotes from a letter Mosley sent to FIA members:

“Over recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that one of the objectives of the dissident teams is that I should resign as president of the FIA.

“Last year you offered me your confidence and, as I wrote to you on 16 May 2008, it was my intention not to seek re-election in October this year.

“However, in light of the attack on the mandate you have entrusted to me, I must now reflect on whether my original decision not to stand for re-election was indeed the right one.

“It is for the FIA membership, and the FIA membership alone, to decide on its democratically elected leadership, not the motor industry and still less the individuals the industry employs to run its Formula 1 teams.”

Meanwhile, FOTA moves forward in setting up its new series, while some members continue to talk about finding a compromise.

The World Motor Sport Council meets Wednesday, and there is some interesting analysis available ahead of the meeting.

The BBC’s F1 Mole blog takes a look at how things got to this point. Of interest:

“The Mole's sources say that on Wednesday last week, the teams' umbrella group Fota had agreed a compromise with FIA president Max Mosley that would have seen everyone sign up for F1 in 2010.

It appears, though, that when Mosley sent through the documentation the following morning, he had changed the date until which the teams had to commit to F1 from 2012 to 2014.

For Fota, it seems this was the final straw - one more piece of evidence of what they see as Mosley's autocratic and arbitrary decision-making.”

While James Allen goes into what we can expect from tomorrow’s WMSC meeting.

And Joe Saward waxes philosophical.


Hey, Ferrari would like to know if you are with them. So let them know, OK?


Heavy stuff. Let’s lighten the mood:


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