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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mosley, teams to meet today

The sport's eight remaining FOTA squads are slated to meet today with Max Mosley in a last ditch attempt to reach a deal on the 2010 regulations.

The FIA is slated to release its official entry list tomorrow.

Autosport reports a letter from Mosley to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo allowed for some softening of the FIA's stance for 2010, including scrapping the possibility of a two-tier championship. But Mosley does insist on some kind of budget cap.

This is on the heels of a FOTA response called "not entirely negative" to Mosley's request for the teams to drop their conditional entries, get on board and enact change from within the system.

A key issue for FOTA is a new Concorde agreement, a goal Mosley says can not be met in the short term. While the 2010 regulations are at the heart of the debate, who gets the profits from the F1 business is certainly on the periphery.

LA Auto Show held in Los Angeles

Just this week Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn told France’s National Assembly:

"We are the ones who make the show. We bring the technology, we bring the engines, and we hire the drivers. And if we make the show, it’s only right that the revenues of Formula 1 must come back to us."

Much has been made about the possibility of a breakaway series, and Bernie Ecclestone warns he will defend his turf.

Ecclestone also has a different view on who deserves the bulk of the revenue.

"Right now, we supply the venues at no cost to the teams, they roll up with all their sponsors’ names and money and race in front of a huge television audience which I supply through the contracts we win. That money flows back to the teams and they spend it. It would be different when they have to provide all the venues, hire their own race people, find their own television companies – and we have the best – and promote it."


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