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Friday, August 7, 2009

Team US F1 update

Sports Illustrated has a lengthy interview with Team US F1's Peter Windsor on where the team is at in its development as it prepares for its 2010 debut.

F1 Mar 2009

The highlights:


"We haven't gone out proactively and done what race teams normally do. We are lucky. We are a team that bears the name of a country and that country is the United States of America. It's got a great racing and Formula One heritage and beyond that, it has a huge economy. To be able to take that name onto the world stage, it gives us a great advantage in terms of marketing and presence in Formula One."

Interestingly, a post appeared on TechCrunch yesterday which once again ties YouTube to the team, and now possibly Best Buy.


"We're in the original Joe Gibbs building and when we moved in, it was still a NASCAR-type building. We've knocked down a whole lot of walls and we're just installing machinery right now. We've had a team of engineers and designers working on the car and luckily, we're in an era when they can just crank out their work from two or three offices working with very sophisticated CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) coding, that's what Formula One design and engineering is about these days. We haven't lost any time at all, to be honest. We'll start manufacturing the car in the next couple months. We don't have to have the car built until early January. In reality, we've got a nice time frame and have it ready. In general, the design is completed, but you never say it's completely done."


Danica Patrick, Kyle Busch and Scott Speed have ruled themselves out, while Jonathan Summerton, Graham Rahal and Ryan Hunter-Reay head the list. Alex Wurz has talked to the team, as have a couple of pay drivers on the GP2 level.

"We've been offered well over three-quarters of our racing budget by two drivers already, neither of whom have raced in Formula One but both have won races in GP2. Both of them have massive sponsorship they can bring us from their home country. Ken and I have got to be very strong, look one another in the eye and say, 'No, we're not gong to accept that money, we're not going to hire those guys because we're going to remain true to our convictions.' This team is about helping young Americans as much as it is about anything else. But it is tempting when you see all this money dangled in front of you to take it and decide the first year we'll run two guys who aren't Americans."


Rumors continue to persist that Canada will be back on the schedule for 2010, the latest report appearing in the Globe and Mail.

Earlier this week Bernie Ecclestone was quoted as saying the race would be back, but so far, Montreal officials have revealed little.

"There are discussions ongoing with the city, Quebec and Ottawa, and we're not going to discuss the framework publicly, other than to say it respects the offer that was previously put forward," Darren Becker, spokesman for Montreal Mayor GĂ©rald Tremblay, is quoted. "We want the return of the Grand Prix to Montreal, but not at any price."


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