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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Massa tests

Felipe Massa was back behind the wheel of a Ferrari Monday for the first time since his accident in July.

Michael Schumacher

After limited running in the morning due to rain, Massa put in almost 100 km in a 2007-spec car with GP2 tires at Fiorano.

“The moment I got into the car it was exactly like before the accident, as if nothing had happened,” Massa is quoted on the Ferrari Web site. “It was important to demonstrate to the people who work with me, that nothing has changed, that I can be competitive and that I can contribute to what will be the new car and to next year’s fight for the title.”

Donington deadline?

Just where the British Grand Prix will be next year looks set to be determined in the next two weeks.

An end-of-September deadline has passed for Donington Ventures Leisure Limited to show it had the funds to put on the race, but a press release from chief executive Simon Gillett says Bernie Ecclestone has given the track another two weeks.

Ecclestone denies he has given Donington a reprieve, however, claiming the two weeks is the result of a breach of contract, and Gillet has 14 days to remedy the breach.

“He’s either going to remedy the breach or he isn’t,” ITV-F1 quotes Ecclestone. “If he isn’t then that’s the end of the story.”

Silverstone is keeping an eye on the situation in hope of regaining the event for the long term. Donington’s deal was for 17 years.

"We have an agreement with Silverstone that in the event of a breach we will talk to them and we will be discussing this. Of course it is no good for them having a one-year job, for sure,” Ecclestone told the Guardian. “We'll talk to them and see but we won't return to Silverstone under the same conditions. There's nothing wrong with Silverstone; the only thing is they promised things that didn't happen.”

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