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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Force India, Lotus and Mike Gascoyne

Force India is keeping a watchful eye over the development of fledgling Lotus' 2010 car after seeing photographs of the team's wind tunnel model.

F1 Grand Prix of China - Qualifying

Two things the teams have in common? Former wind tunnel Aerolab and Mike Gascoyne.

The team believes Lotus has copied the front wing it used at the beginning of the season, and that the model was fitted with tires bearing handwriting belonging to employees of the Indian squad, AUTOSPORT reports.

Gascoyne defended the development process, subcontracted to Fondtech.

"Some of the staff had been working on different projects. And whereas you cannot copy anything or take anyone else's IP, you can use your expertise - and you will base that on what you know and what directions you know have been happening. That is what has happened."

Aerolab denied it has passed along information, and claims instead Force India is trying to draw attention away from the company's suit against Vijay Mallya's concern.

"These rumours are designed only to tarnish the company's reputation and professionalism and to divert attention away from the facts. The truth is that Aerolab is suing Force India for not fulfilling its obligations."

Renault: Go/no-go announcement by the end of the year

Renault's Carlos Ghosn told the F1 world it will have to wait for a decision on whether the French team will stay in the sport, Reuters reports.

"You will have to be patient."

Three courses of action seem to be on the table: Stay in as a manufacturer team, scale back to being an engine supplier, or pull out completely.

When Toyota pulled out at the beginning of the week, the FIA made noise about "clarifying" the team's obligations to the sport after signing the Concorde Agreement last summer. It may be Renault is waiting to see how that works out before announcing a decision.

Williams expects good things with Cosworth

Despite Cosworth's having been away from the sport since 2006, Williams technical director Sam Michael told AUTOSPORT he believes the team will have a competitive engine in 2010.

"Cosworth has got two big hurdles. Fuel consumption is critical with no refuelling, and their target for the winter is to improve that. The other is reliability. Everyone has accumulated three years of running on their engines while Cosworth has been out and gained thousands of kilometres of knowledge."

Alonso in Maranello

Fernando Alonso met with mechanics, Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo in his first visit to Ferrari HQ this week.

Alonso will be cleared to test with the team when the winter test ban expires. In the meantime, after checking in on the 2010 car's development in the wind tunnel and having a seat fitting, the Spaniard drove Fiorano in a 458 Italia sportscar. Don't miss the top stories of the day, subscribe to the SpeedRead Web newspaper now! -- Email SpeedRead -- Learn more about author C.D. Six


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