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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gearing up for Australia

F1 GP Australia, Melbourne 27.-29. March 2009

FIA throws door open to new applicants

The FIA announced its plan for replacing USF1 on the grid for 2011 last week, rather than giving the slot to Stefan GP.

It is also opening up the possibility of reserve teams in case the first choice falls through.

Talks of a merger between Stefan and USF1 for the later team’s grid slot had heated up last week, but such a merger only seemed to open up question marks, with the FIA looking into possible fines for the Charlotte outfit.

Also in question was the status of Stefan’s deal with Toyota, which it appears has come to an end.

Adam Cooper reports Toyota seem to have little faith in Stefan’s ability to put together a comercial package.

Something for the gamers

James Allen has a little commentary on the new F1 game due from Codemasters.

I don’t do the gaming thing anymore, but it looks pretty sweet. Check out the trailers and more at the Codemasters site.

Previewing Australia

Formula1.com has your Australia preview quotes.


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