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Sunday, February 6, 2011

UPDATE: Kubica's hand saved, damage unclear

Adam Cooper reports:

“Unfortunately the impact with the guardrail caused serious harm. He has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his leg and right arm, especially complications related to his right hand. We shall see later if the operation was successful. The clinical picture is not easy. We expect to make the necessary assessments tonight.”

“The surgeons are trying to restore the functionality of his right hand. We must now think about the muscle function, but Robert has a very strong temper and will succeed.

“The important thing is that Robert recoveries, as it has already proven to do with the incident in Canada. On that occasion it took him three months to get back on track.”

- Daniele Morelli, Kubica's manager

Correction: In regards to Kubica's Canada accident, the quote should say the recovery took three weeks, not months.

Polish driver Robert Kubica of Renault is pictured before the start of the Japanese Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka, Japan, 07 October 2010. Photo:Jens Buettner
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Anonymous said...

There is a mistake in the quote. It should be three weeks, not three months.

SpeedRead said...


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