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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The quotable F1: Bernie Ecclestone

"I meet people worldwide in all different walks of life - sponsors, promoters and journalists and I think there are two things that are really important for F1; one is Ferrari and second is the noise. I brought some Russian gentlemen to Singapore and met them afterwards in Russia - it was the first race they'd ever been to and I said what was it that impressed you. I didn't even think about the noise but they said the most important thing was the noise - it's incredible, it really gets to you. Even more so the women - the ladies love the noise."

- Bernie Ecclestone to the Australian Associated Press

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone walks through the paddock at Korea International Circuit in Yeongam, South Korea, 22 October 2010. The maiden Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix is held on 24 October 2010. Photo:David Ebener
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Anonymous said...

And yet some people, 'in the know', believe that quieter, turboed fours not only won't hurt the sport, they'll be good for it's image. They're trying to appeal to people who will never be happy with any kind of motor racing. Perhaps next they should consider peddle cars.

KnitSix said...

I have to say Bernie's right. When I think of the races we went to, I always think of the noise...that wonderful F1-car sound when you're walking to the track from the parking lot, and the pops as they shift going through turns. I love it!

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