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Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Rush

The long wait ended Friday as I finally got my chance to see Rush. Overall, a very entertaining film, if a bit "Hollywood."

In no particular order, here are 10 takeaways from the film:

  • Daniel Brühl, Daniel Brühl, Daniel Brühl
  • Loosey-goosey with the facts at times, but only so far as to move the story along
  • I'm sure if you were there, it was obvious the locations weren't accurate, but to the casual viewer, you were there
  • Not sure why the Nurburgring was "The Graveyard," "Green Hell" works for me
  • Hospital scenes are not for the squeemish, but it wasn't gratuitous
  • Agree beating up a journalist wasn't Hunt, but it seemed in line with the character "James Hunt" in the film
  • I wonder if playing the rivalry as a hatred shortchanged the viewer?
  • Using real cars helps the sell. The physics were right, oh so necessary is a racing film. CGI was only noticeable a couple of times.
  • You go in pulling for Hunt, you leave sympathizing with The Rat. Both are played heroicly, but the Hunt character's lack of drive post-championship portrays him almost as the bad guy
  • Despite the compromises to story, the aim for accuracy is evident, and Howard should be praised for honesty

If you are an F1 fan, you should see this film. If you are a film fan, you should see this film. Big thumbs up. Rush certainly ranks up there with Grand Prix, Le Mans and Winning as great racing films.

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