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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Changes at SpeedRead

For some time, real life has been intruding on the amount of time I can spend with the blog, and honestly, blogs are dying on the vine thanks to social networking and microblogging. After carefully reviewing what this site provides, I have decided to make some changes that will go into effect in the coming weeks.

  • SpeedRead's presence on Twitter and Facebook will continue. There is a lot of F1 misinformation out there, Generally Misleading Media we'll call it, and I think there is an important role out there for people to point fans in the right direction, toward reputable sources. I'm happy to play a part in that. If you are SpeedRead's reader(s), I strongly encourage you to follow along. Links are on this site. 
  • The blog, that is, the weblog, will be going away. There may be occasions in which I feel inspired to voice an opinion, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 
  • Once a day, a "newspaper" is generated by the SpeedRead twitter account. Imagine all sorts of interesting F1 and motor sports news delivered as an email newsletter in your inbox once a day. Pretty cool, huh? Please subscribe. 
  • Information (standings, schedules, countdowns) and links will remain, along with suggested sites. Finally, this site will most likely be moving in the next few weeks to a less blog-oriented platform. When it does, a notice will appear pointing you to the new site, and it will also be noted in various social feeds. 

The stats say over 100,00 pageviews since I started this thing in 2006, and looking at these breakdowns, it's been a truly amazing few years.

Thanks for that, and I hope you follow where things are going in the coming weeks. Honestly, it's pretty exciting.

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